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Welcome To River Road Hot Bagels

Since 1988 River Road Hot Bagels has been home to the freshest, hottest, hand-rolled, boiled, and baked bagels in Northern New Jersey.

Unlike other shops, the bagels at River Road are baked periodically throughout the day rather than simply baking them all at once in the morning. This requires significantly more work and greater attention but allows us to maintain a fresh baked product at all times. We pride ourselves in delivering a fresh and consistent product and would rather have you wait a few minutes than to sell a customer with high expectations a stale bagel from hours before.

We mix our dough and hand-roll our bagels daily. They are then baked in front of you in our specialty oven in a variety of styles that satisfy any taste, including:
•Sesame Seed
•Poppy Seed
•Whole Weat
•Pumpernickel Onion
•Cinnamon Raisin
• Mini
• The Famous EVERYTHING Bagel

We stay true to the baker's tradition and offer a Baker's Dozen (13) for only $9.60! We are proud to say that we have simply the best prices around when it comes to bagels. There is nothing comparable to walking into a fast-paced, clean, and professional environment and leaving with a bag of steaming bagels to bring back to the home or office. Trust us, they will have you coming back to bring them more.

Although they are delicious just on their own, many people prefer to have their bagel with a little something spread on it. Customers are able to pick from our house-made cream cheese spreads, sold by the pound, which include:
• Regular house-made Whipped
• House-made Scallion
• House-made Vegetable
• The classic house-made Lox cream cheese spread

We also offer a variety of name-brand cream cheese and butter products including Philadelphia, TempTee, and Breakstones.

A family breakfast is that easy at River Road Hot Bagels! There is no longer a need to stress and mess up your kitchen! Come in and grab a half dozen or dozen of our hot bagels along with your favorite spreads! Simple, quick, and satisfying!

But maybe you aren't in as much of a rush and would like to enjoy something personal, and cooked right in front of you. Our flat-top grill is always manned by a trained professional who will cook your breakfast sandwich the way you want it. Select from any style of eggs, our various cheeses, and breakfast meats in any combination you desire. We are generous here at River Road. Our sandwiches are never skimpy and always come with two eggs, two slices of cheese, and a happy helping of meat. And of course, we always ask that age-old question: "Would you like salt, pepper, ketchup?" And if you are watching those calories and want to skip out on the bread, you always have the option of taking your order in a platter.

Our deli serves Thumann's brand deli meats and cheeses that are sliced in front of you, as thin or thick as you like. Purchase meats and cheeses for home, charged by the pound, or have one of our servers create a sandwich for you on the spot. Also included in our deli department is the bagel's best friend, sliced salmon. This is also purchasable by the pound. Or why not order the sliced lox and cream cheese sandwich with juicy tomatoes and onions? Although Thumann's deli meats are exceptional, the highlight of our deli department would have to be our selection of house-made salads which include:
• Chicken Salad
• Whitefish Salad
• Egg Salad
• The famous, and growingly popular, TUNA salad

No one does it better or hotter than River Road Hot Bagels. It is our belief that the principles of consistency, customer service, cleanliness, and teamwork lead to a happy returning customer and a successful business. Our menu may be simple, but our product is guaranteed fresh and always prepared for you as if we were about to eat it ourselves.

We have been a part of the Fair Lawn and Bergen County community for nearly 30 years and plan to be around for much longer. We value all customers, new and old. Call us to place an order or to get directions at (201) 791-5646.